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Involves a whole lot more than spending money. We think it's about the lineage you come from, the traditions, some holy -some not, that have shaped you and the people you surround yourself with.  We think planning a meaningful day is not just about you- sure you're the star, but it is also about your guests experience.  Its about laughter and joy, cheers and and happy tears, its about the stories of old and expectations of what's to come. We want you to feel a deep sense of satisfaction and happiness surrounded by loved ones - in fancy clothes of course.

                               PLANNING WITH UNLIMITED UNDERSTANDING

 We will take the time to get to know you and your partner. We want to hear about the family dynamics. the good, the bad  and the crazy auntie. We know that emotions run high and plans sometimes go sideways. We promise to press in with a healthy dose of logic and a bottle of wine.  We won't let messy hold you back from the feeling of magic you deserve. Promise!


                            PLANNING WITH A TON OF FUN IN MIND.

Wedding are celebrations! So go ahead plan to tear it up. Start the party, break the mold, add in that little something extra, order the custom design. There is no one right way to plan - however, dull certainly is a wrong way. We want your day to have encore status!

Chinese Lions doing a money dance for multicultural bride and groom


We love all the special touches that tell the stories of your love. We get excited about family heirlooms, unusual textures, tribal significance, flash dances and tiny little secrets.

This curated wedding planning package is tailored for the couples busy building their careers, the partners that live out of state and the loves that would rather spend 400+ hours doing anything other than making follow up logistics calls. We see you- we got this. You control your final decisions and your spend, we got the rest.

We combine expert planning, a willingness to understand your culture, an intricate eye for design, and a tasteful, sometimes sassy executor attitude to make your dreams come to life. From eats to entertainment, sangeet's to tea ceremonies, timelines to trolleys, we will seamlessly take care of the details and vendors without compromising your traditions or making you want to burn it all down.

 Starts at $7500

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Partial Planning

You have a sense that planning will be a huge undertaking. And yet, you want to stay in the mix. We applaud you! 

With this option, We hit the ground running with our planning guide  (aka SANITY guide). We work along side you, offering strategy and keeping the panning on track, phase by phase.  With our solid vendor relationships we will help you build a cohesive team you can trust. You set the meetings and we join for support.  Timelines and floor plans are our specialty and we rock the wedding rehearsal . Come wedding day, we coordinate your squad, orchestrate arrival times, wrangle the vendors, and make sure your special moments are flawless, just as they should be. 

Best of all we stay till the end. Our goal is for you to feel at ease knowing someone is completely taking care of the day, and most importantly, you. .

Starts at $4400

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