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Tanya Lawrence

I am a city girl with a “don’t quit until it’s right” attitude.  I'm an Enneagram 3 wing 2 almost all of the time so yes, I'll happily help you achieve and accomplish...until someone messes with my couple's dream day, then the challenger (8) in me peeks her head around the corner. I'm passionate about equality, I'm a little woo and a Jesus follower - the man, not the religion. I'm super territorial about my coffee mugs, I only like the ones that have large enough loops for 3 fingers and don't scald my hand after being microwaved. I am convinced I could live on sushi and I'm still deciding if I'm going to stop drinking alcohol, but until then I'm game for fancy, schmancy champagne.

My brain is a healthy split of analytical and creative. It works in both color wheels and spreadsheets. My background in designing outings, mixers, and non profit experiences have made me a creative leader. With more than 100 weddings under my belt I refuse to create a static event. Bring on the challenge -I’ll give you something that goes above and beyond the basic.


I have 4 children, teenage -through young adults and a handsome husband. My hubby loves science, math, and backwoods activities (all of which I loathe) However, his full grown passion is culinary excellence and he hustles as a personal chef. Together we love to throw extra-ass dinner parties. Clinks!

Let's get to work on your best day ever. Fill out the form on this page below or head over to the contact page to get the ball rolling.

Paige Bauer

I live and breathe traveling. I love immersing myself in new places, new cultures, and especially new food . A guilty pleasure of mine is to collect pressed pennies whenever I am traveling and come across a machine (p.s. always use the shiny pennies). Haiti, Jordan, Kenya, Colorado and Austin have all stolen little pieces of my heart , for good reason, they have  given me a chance to see the world through other peoples eyes.


Bloody Mary's, Marvel, buffalo chicken, all things gold and thrift shopping are secret obsessions. I will never admit it to your face but I may or may not be a shopaholic. 


I am an ENFP, Enneagram 2 which pretty much means I cry during every sad song & romcom. I think I’ve been extra for as long as I can remember (I’m sure my family & friends would attest to this). My 16 year old self was determined to have a great Gatsby themed birthday party, mostly so I could dress up in a fancy dress and make everyone do the same...but from that point forward I knew Event Planning was the job for me. I can confidently say it doesn’t even feel like a job, more like a dream.

Combining of my love for other cultures, my goal is that our events reflect the people and heritages of the world.

Let's get to work on your best day ever. Fill out the form on this page below or head over to our contact page to get the ball rolling.


Navdeep Singh

Hello, Sat Sri Akaal, and Namaste!!

I love details so tell me your story, goals, and journey. The things you love are important to me. Let's get to know each other! The movie “Bend it like Beckham” represents my life. I come from a large Indian family and every time we get together it turns into a big party. My love of hosting and planning events started about the age of 9, when my family threw a New Years party. The joy of making new memories continues to grow.

My degree is in Public relations and I love public speaking. I am not into technology at all - lets talk face to face. I dominate on the tennis court and my favorite book is Fahrenheit 451. I think it is a good reminder to be humble and cherish the little things in life. I love fashion, in particular purses & heels. I’m good with a purse for every outfit. 

I love learning about new cultures and am always willing to try their foods. I want to see the world. A college professor said something that stuck with me, “ don't let the world's "no '' discourage you from achieving your goals and dreams in life. Keep moving forward until the next person says "yes."

Let's get to work on your best day ever. Fill out the form on this page below or head over to our contact page to get the ball rolling.

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