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Bespoke, Modern, Multicultural

Hi hi hi, We’re so glad you’re here! Tanya Lynnette Events + Premier Grand Rapids Wedding Planner is focused on the couples who want their wedding to be a-little-bit different and a-whole-lot authentic. 

We start and end with you -- focusing on your story. There are no “shoulds”. We know each “perfect day” is unique, so with us, no manufactured experiences are allowed!

TLE aims to catch your vibe as soon as we sit down, and our goal is to give you an intimate union, elegant sangeet, a timeless tea ceremony,  and everything in-between -- whatever truly reflects who you are as a couple. When it’s all said and done, we want your heart skip a beat at the thought of your day, and every time you talk about it we want you to say it was so “us”.

But first, let’s be friends!



Turn your dream into a reality

Tanya - I am the definition of independent. I thought I had this whole wedding plan thing in the bag - but once I met you, you proved me very wrong in the most humble and kind way. You told me I had it under control and & didn't need you, but I wanted to work by your side anyways. I am glad I followed my gut because you MADE our wedding. You were the reason I didn't have nerves on how it was going to go. You have a way about you that allow humans to trust you the moment they meet you. Your love for love, optimism, and strong heart makes it so very easy to connect with. We thank you for everything you did for us and going far above and beyond what we would have ever expected.



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Unforgettable Memories

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